Fann with the neighbour at Dortmund Microfest 2016

rjmendera 2018 

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Street Singing,Dortmund
Street Singing,Dortmund


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thanks Rüdiger - Marcus+Martinus were reviewed by the site owner (SkyKid) Christian has stopped chatting with me on twitter but i have seen some new vids with Vivian.. sounds good ..watch for new vids(originals) from Tyler Lorette from Oshawa coming soon-rjm

that must be you Esther--!? sent ya some more today--haar--ahoy--rjm

gut zu wissen--danke detlef--ahoy rjm

hello Mudder Molloy --TANKS SO MUCH FER VISITIN--best to you and yer men--haar---ahoy-rj

hahaaar  ahoy brad glad ya found it and thanks fer leavin a comment--!!  so good ta hear from me friends--!! 

AHOY PAT-TANKS FER visiting-aaerg________________________________________________________________________________________________











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    Rüdiger (Sunday, 21 May 2017 05:19)

    You did a great review of Christian Lalama. Have you seen his frequent singing partner Vivian Hicks?

    Then I would love to have your reaction to the Nordic Phenomenon Marcus and Martinus.


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    tank top men (Tuesday, 10 March 2015 08:49)

    I’m really like it! Very, very dgdeeac good!

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    Skive .. Fawngirl on deck (Monday, 29 July 2013 10:47)

    You dont send me flowers anymore....

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    Brad Pritts (Tuesday, 18 June 2013 05:34)

    Hey, Ralf! I found your pirate hideout! Artistic treasures are piled up all around here! Looks like quite the adventure! :)

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    Catherine (Wednesday, 05 June 2013 15:43)

    Love the layout of your website!!!

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    d.hilgert@web.de. (Thursday, 16 May 2013 18:02)

    Hallo Ralf,
    es ist alles in ordnung um deine Seite besuchen zu können.

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    Juicer Reviews (Sunday, 21 April 2013 03:28)

    I shared this upon Twitter! My buddies will really want it!

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    Pat (Friday, 15 March 2013 19:05)

    I was here but now am gone I left my name to carry on. :)


BVB last won the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in 1997



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rjmendera was born in WETTER RUHR GERMANY in 1953,but lived in HERDECKE later. His father was KARL-HEINZ OBERLIES and his mother was from Marienwerder; Irmgard Szymendera.At age ten rj left for


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Alberta Canada with his mother who married Otto H Sameit a forman on the GRAHAM RANCH near Calgary.Rj learned english quickly and sang his first solo at the annual Christmas Concert in 1964 in Millarville Alta..The family now with a brother and three sisters moved to the Okanagan Valley a year later, where rj grew up until the age of 19.After some wild years in the North of BC ,rj studied at various colleges but returned in the eighties to start a small delivery business in Kelowna B.C..In 1988 rj sold the business and moved to Dortmund and has lived in several other EU countries-Netherlands and Portugal. Rjmendera is currently back in Dortmund working on original songs and writing reviews for theskykid.com

In 1995 and 2001 rjm went on bike tours across Europe,riding from the German Ruhr area to the Algarve,Portugal-a trip which takes about three weeks.On his first trip he became friends

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with a German living in Lisbon,Michael Reuter-Mendes.RJ spent 6 months working for a squash club in OLAIAS CLUB in Lisbon in 2001 before returning to Germany.In 2003 RJ moved to Freiburg in the south of Germany where he

worked gathering stats for the city.In 2004 rjmendera again rode to Portugal to meet his friend Michael during the European Championship.In 2006 rjmendera met a Czech street musican and played some pubs in Freiburg as well as creating original blues songs together.In the same year he visited many venues across GERMANY during the WORLD CUP..In 2007 rjm once again went on a long bike trip riding from Freiburg across the Central Massive to Bordeaux before returning to Dortmund.In March of 2006 there was another bike tour from Freiburg to Chur Switzerland.RJMendera has lived in Dortmund for 7 years now and still takes shorter bike tours within Germany.

September 2012 at age 58 rjmendera toured down the Danube from PASSAU to LINZ ,then along the TRAUN from WELS to SALZBURG and on into Bavaria through Traunstein and along the


PASSAU with the CANADIANS rjmendera Sept08:53

PASSAU with the CANADIANS rjmendera Sept. 2012

rjmendera performed several live shows in DORTMUND in 2012+ 2013 including a closed performance for the SPD JUBILEE with Dortmund mayor and elected reps as well as long ime SPD members present.

rj currently works on creating new originals in his home studio .:Once again rjm was on hand this summer to film all acts at the MICROFESTIVAL.rjmendera ,who coached,reffed and played soccer for many years now follows many major european leagues.See homepage rjmendera.jimdo.com for more info. 

Rjm under umbrella on rock

rjmendera in hoesch park oct 2013